bio_BettinaBettina has been working as a stylist for 9 years, and her greatest strength as a stylist is her ability to truly listen to what a client wants and translate it to real life. She loves being able to use her creative side in a way that makes someone feel better about themselves.

Bettina’s philosophy is: “It is not about how many services I perform in a day, it is about me feeling like I have done my best work and someone being truly happy with their result”. She sees the result of this when someone loves their hair more than they thought they would, and when they have had strangers come up to them and compliment their hair and ask where they get it done.

Bettina explains why listening to a client’s needs is important as a stylist: “Someone could bring in a picture of a cut or color and you could give them exactly that, but if they aren’t willing to do the work it takes to get their hair to look like that everyday, they will be disappointed in the result. To be able to deliver a result that we are both happy with, I need to know their day to day habits and be able to manage expectations.”

Bettina prides herself on forming real bonds with her clients, and she feels that she has made some great friends throughout her career.

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